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A conversation with Nigerian model, Erermie Tammy

By Jeff Kalyll

CSMS Magazine

Since Paul François reported for CSMS Magazine, we have not had a chance to be in contact with celebrities from Sub-Saharan Africa, until now. It was with glee that our new contributor Jeff Kalyll announced last week that he was about to make an important discovery. He has been in touch with Eremie Tammy, a young Nigerian model whose is poised to make her own spectacular entry in Nollywood—the Nigerian version of Hollywood. The interview that follows is Jeff’s conversation with Emerie.


I met Emerie when she approached CSMS Magazine and expressed her interest in several aspects of our publication. I was skeptical at first. However, after I did some research, I realized I was dealing with someone who has the potential to someday reach the zenith of her life. Emerie is charming and well-articulated. She has just graduated from high school, and she has big dreams. Like me, because she is young—only 17—one has all the reasons to believe Emerie’s stardom is something in the making. In her hometown in Nigeria, she is already a well-established model. Loved by her peers, Emerie walks with her head high totally assured of herself. Last week, I had a chance to speak with her from her home in River States, Nigeria.     

JK: Good morning, Emerie. It is with great pleasure we are welcoming you here at CSMS Magazine?

ET: I am equally happy to meet your audience.

JK: How did you come to learn about CSMS Magazine?

ET: I’m always in search for something classy on the web. It was pure luck that I came to surf one day on your Magazine.  

JK: What city you are from? Lagos?

ET: I am from Nigeria, in Rivers State.

JK: What is your favorite model?

ET: It’s difficult to say. I don’t have a preference. I just want to be me.

JK: What is your favorite actress/actor?

ET: My favorite actress in Nigeria is Mercy Johnson and my foreign actress is Jessica Alba.

JK: Have you ever traveled outside of Nigeria?

ET: I will be leaving for college in the US.

JK: How many languages do you speak?

ET: Well, I speak English more than any other languages….but I’m still trying to learn French and Spanish.

JK: I know Nigeria is a multicultural country. You love to dance? What is your favorite music?

ET: I love to dance. Music is my passion. I can dance to any music, even zouk… I love Barbie movies a lot. Let’s say, I am a girly girl…..  

JK: Do you know how to dance the “zouk’? Zouk is a very popular Caribbean music.

ET: Of course, I do. I just said that. I may not be from the Caribbean. But Zouk is Afro-Caribbean. So, it runs in my veins. Zouk love is one my favorite genres.   

JK: Who inspired you to become a model?

ET: Hmmm, ever since I was in high school, I had always dreamt of being a model. I think modeling is a part of me…..

JK: Are you graduating from high school this year?

ET: I just graduated this year, and soon I will be traveling to the US to go to college.

JK: What’s your plan for the future?

ET: My plan for the future is to graduate from college with a degree in law in order to build a solid career in my respective field.

JK: What about modeling? Will it still be a great part of your career?

ET: Of course. But I also know this is an industry that can be very unforgiving. So, I have to have something to fall back on, should modeling fail.

JK: Thank You, Emerie. It has been a joy to chat with you.

ET: The joy is equally mine.

Note: Jeff  Kalyll reports on the fashion industry for CSMS Magazine. He is a junior at the University of North Florida. He may be reached at publisher@csmsmagazne.org . More picture of Emerie can be found on our Facebook Fan Page.

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