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A conversation with author Lisa Thomas

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This week in The Conversation, I have the privilege to receive author Lisa Thomas from Birmingham, England. She has written a compelling debut novel titled Unprecedented Times. What makes this novel so unique is that it focuses on the most difficult moment of our time: The Pandemic. Four main characters drive the story: Clara who works as an assistant at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva. Clara dreams of becoming a scientist. Dr Vicente who is Clara’s boss. Clara’s twin sister, Rosa, a nurse and new mother. And Rosa’s fiancé, Ben, a police officer. They are on a mission to raise awareness of the danger that we, as a species on earth, face.

At the start of the pandemic, Lisa says she was shocked like most of us. She was telling her friends that the virus was going to impact all of us. And that was when she decided to write Unprecedented Times. “I wanted to write a story based on how bad it could go and I just [wanted] to remind us of what’s important in life and to make us appreciate the fact that we’re all equal,” Lisa says during our conversation. Indeed, the pandemic has brought many of us in some ways closer together.

Though this story is gut wrenching, it could not have been so interesting if it were not penned by an impeccable writer like Lisa. The novelistic prose cannot be ignored—a joy to read. As we talk, you can see the passion in the eyes of the author. At one point in the conversation, it becomes personal to me because my wife lost her mother to the coronavirus.

In writing this book, Lisa seems to have fulfilled her longtime dream: becoming a writer. “I’m writing my own story and I am truly loving it. While I’m extremely nervous about exposing myself up to ridicule and criticism, it feels so good to be doing something I have always dreamt of doing.”

Lisa plans on donating a portion of the book sale to help families impacted by Covid-19. To learn more about Lisa’s works, you can visit her website.

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