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The situation of the DACA recipients and the Dreamers are in limbo. For now, it seems Donald Trump and his folks have been emboldened. They think they’re winning, and they have good reason the feel this way. The Dems seem powerless, and immigration is NOT strategic to them, although they all agree requesting a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants is a moral thing to do. They are NOT ready, however, to fight all the way on behalf of the disenfranchised. See how the liberal media remains silent in the aftermath of the budget Republican victory. They all remain silent.

The only way you can make your voice is to get ready to clean house, starting this year and all the way to 2020. Don’t be like a sitting-duck, and then go on and cry. It’s self-defeating. Your rights are HUMAN rights—free education, free healthcare, NO to institutional racism… Get up, stand up for them. It is time to soldier on. Educate, organize and vote!

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