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CSMS Magazine Staff writers

The entire editorial board of CSMS Magazine, the best online magazine on the web, is pleased to announce to its diehard readers that the site has been completely renovated in an effort to bring more efficiency to its users. CSMS Magazine is now operating at a higher level of efficacy, giving the readers the opportunity to post comments right after reading an article, to be part of a literary community, and to also be part of our mailing list. However, visitors MUST login in order to be able to post comments. The new CSMS Magazine will also allow advertisers to advertise on the site, to community organizations to post banners if they would. CSMS Magazine can now be followed on Twitter and on Facebook. Tweets and Facebook users will be able to enjoy hands-on information from the site.

            We have received a lot questions regarding our archives. We are pleased to let everyone know that our archive is safe, and it will be uploaded soon. Soon, readers will be able to have access to many of our in-depth articles in the Dossier section, to our popular Art and Culture section, to Andrew Robbins’ revered series It’s your Money, to our wonderful French section and to all the other sections that make CSMS Magazine what it is today.

            Providing news and other types of information on the Internet is not an easy business, and to be competitive is to have the ability to narrow the focus. Our focus is on the promotion for the Caribbean literature, Caribbean Fine Art, Cross-cultural awareness and Human rights. We are committed to taking the stand against all forms of injustices. Social justice has always been the cornerstone our editorial position. The new CSMS Magazine is also committed to lifting the Kreyòl section, which has been neglected for some time.

            So, send us your comments. Let us know what you think.


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