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Reopening schools in a pandemic is not an easy task. Across the country and across the world, for that matter, school safety against Covid-19 has tapped the to-do list. Kara Arundel, reporter for education magazine, has revealed 7 strategies designed to prevent absenteeism.

a. Create positive relationships

b. Let data guide interventions

c. Build a team response

d. Set up different pathways for engagement

e. Have a tiered approach

f. Focus on transition grades

g. Make communications clear and brief

The last strategy is of utmost priority. As Kara explains, “Messages can be sent in a variety of formats, including email, in-person, text, a paper note in a student’s backpack, robocalls and more. But if the district is sending written communication, it should:

Have as few words as possible.

Have clear requests and directions for responding.

Be written at lower reading levels.

Be in languages families speak at home.

Be formatted so the message is easy to skim.”

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