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Zimmerman found not guilty and shame on them!!

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers
In a stunning development tonight, a jury of mostlywhite women found Zimmerman not guilty. Only in America can someone work away free from  murder. This is a stern warning  for all of us whose children are blacks, which may be their only crime—a crime for which they’re not responsible. It is hard to swallow that a man who  targeted a child because of the color of his skin, grabbed him by the neck, forced him
under, took out a gun to his head, pulled the trigger and silenced him for good can go on to live his life free of any criminal prosecution.  Racial struggle and—by extension—class struggle in America will never cease to exist. Tonight, black America has just been dealt yet another major blow in its quest for justice for all.

Shame on them, shame on them and shame on them!!!!!!!!

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