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Wayne Karlin is back in Marble Mountain: a book review

By Chantale JimenezCSMS Magazine Staff WriterThe Vietnam War was filled with war crimes that would mark an entire century. But through all the backlash and turmoil there was still happiness shining through. Marble Mountain is a story about Kiet a “bui-doi” or mixed child—an adopted daughter of African American and Vietnamese decent. Kiet Hallam, the full name of the protagonist in the book, searches long and hard for her true identity. She leaves her homeland in search of her parents.Her adoptive father in the story is Alex Hallam, a local sculpt artist in the town. He himself also has a tormented soul and hates his past life with a passion.            One with an identity crisis can most definitely relate to this book. The author, Wayne Karlin (above in the picture), is a genius. Mr. Karlin puts you inside the mind of this tortured soul. You can feel Kiet feelings while she is in search for her true parents. It is as if she is in a paradox. Kiet knows that finding her true parents will let off a big burden in her life. But finding her parents would not suffice to relieve her from her nightmarish state. She would still be trapped, fighting her own demons—trapped in her true universe, a psychological labyrinth confined on Marble Mountain in Vietnam.By the time the reader catches up to Kiet, she is in her thirties. She travels to Ho Chi Minh City, the second most important city in Vietnam. There, she meets a guy named Nguyen Binh Duong, a mysterious figure who holds answers to many of Kiet’s questions.  Finally, Binh Duong reveals to Kiet her true name. Kiet is also told the whereabouts of her true parents and the reasons behind her adoption. (I can’t reveal)There are some parts in the book that are filled with heavy tensions and suspense.  This book is a thriller that should be turned into a Hollywood action movie, especially the part in the book that describes her time spent living in foster homes. The things those foster parents did to her is enough to make a convicted felon look like a saint.In my opinion this book is definitely a MUST read for anyone who voraciously reads on a daily basis. This book is filled with nonstop action and suspense. You will literally feel the main character’s emotions as you read through the pages.Once you open the book, you are no longer in this world, or this universe for that matter; you enter the world of Kiet that immediately breaks you done, forcing you to feel her sorrow, her pain and her emotion. This is how a true book should make a reader feel. Wayne Karlin is definitely one of the most talented new generations of authors around. This book is gut-wrenching, but also it is beautifully written.Also see My Daughter’s Eyes: An interesting book to read`Heaven of Drums: A book that brings to light African presence in Argentina’s historyJimmy Carter is under fire Closed For Repairs: a book that offers a glimpse of life in urban CubaNote: The book was published by Connecticut based Curbstone Press. It is available almost everywhere, especially in all online bookstores. One can also visit the publisher’s website: www.curbstone.org for more info.

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