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Jean-Claude Duvalier dead at 63

duvaleraCSMS Magazine Staff writers

The man who had ruled Haiti with an iron fist, who had killed thousands, who had stolen more than a billion dollars from the Haitian people, who had sent more than a million of his victims into exile, who had denied the Haitian masses their basic human rights, who had declared himself President-For-Life, and who until recently had been sheltered by the Sweet Micky government, suddenly died. Jean-Claude Duvalier, who should have been at the very least in jail, was allowed to die peacefully at his upscale villa in Montagne Noire overlooking the Port-au-Prince Harbor.

Duvalier will never have to stand trial for crime against humanity, and the current regime in Haiti plans to give him a honored funeral.  Indeed it was Sweet Micky himself, the apprentice dictator, who officially announced the passing of Baby Doc. In a prepared statement released on State Radio, Sweet Micky was unequivocal. “On behalf of the entire government and the Haitian people, I want to seize this sad opportunity to transfer my sincere sympathies to the family, ‎his close friends and supporters around the country.”

In fact, Nicolas Duvalier, the late dictator’s son, has long been a close advisor to Martelly. It has also been rumored to nourish his own presidential ambitions.

Michele Montas, widow of the late Haitian journalist Jean Dominique, knows too well the suffering of a people who was denied their basic human decency for more than quarter of century. She took a direct aim at the Sweet Micky government. “It’s unfortunate he died in his bed, and we were unable to try him. For the people who fought against him, it’s not over yet. It isn’t just a fight against Jean-Claude, but the people who supported his “rule.” Montas went on to say that “to us, the fight isn’t over. Martelly, who has shown an affinity for the former president and his rule, may decide to give him a national funeral. Someone who was indicted of human rights violations and crimes against humanity be honored in a national funeral.” This would and will be a shame and another spit on the face of a nation struggling to push its way out of a sinkhole.

The Duvalier rule had done away with some of best and brightest of Haiti, including Jacques Stephen Alexis, Gerald Brisson, Jean-Jacques Ambroise, Raymond Jean-Francois, Rony Lescouflair, and the list goes on……(see Haiti, Visage de la Résistance)

Duvalier is indeed at the source of the seemingly endless misery that marks contemporary Haiti. For that, he will forever be dans la poubelle de l’histoire d’ Haiti. (in the dustbin of the history of Haiti.)

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