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The Housing Crisis: Political Maneuvering Dooms Daniel’s Property Tax Relief Plan (Part 3)

By Andrew RobbinsCSMS Magazine Staff WriterIndiana Governor Mitch Daniels stated, “Any plan that makes a real difference in property taxation will have to go to its root cause, and that is excessive [municipal] spending. Today, no one [state or county] is responsible; each local taxing district sets its budget and sends you its part of the [property tax] bill, which is only added up when it hits your mailbox. I have prepared and will recommend to the legislature a proposal to cut every homeowner’s property taxes sharply and cap them forever, at no more than one percent of a home’s true value. This last provision must be added to the state’s constitution to ensure its permanence,…”       Without a constitutional change, Indiana property owners will be under constant attack as special interest groups lobby the legislature seeking funding for their projects. In the Governor’s own party, many career politicians will attempt to weaken his legislation by retaining access to their never ending supply of funding‑‑property taxes. Without voter support, both political parties will unite and prevent the Governor’s plan from being fully implemented.      By geographic design the state of Indiana is highly polarized, creating political pockets of Democrats and Republicans. This concept of “divide and conquer” was the invention of the general assembly. Once the opposing party’s selected candidate emerges from the spring primary, the incumbent is nearly always guaranteed easy reelection.      Thus, for property owners, the spring primary becomes the focal point. It is the primary that provides voters their only opportunity to remain loyal to their party while casting out failed politicians and giving fresh candidates a chance to lead and make their mark. Name recognition should not be the only voting criteria.       Regardless of their political affiliation, supporting the Governor’s plan to amend the state’s constitution (by capping property taxes at one percent of a home’s true value) should be the rallying cry of every voter. There is only one way to support the Governor’s tax relief plan and that is to surround him with legislators who openly support this change to the state’s constitution.       Currently, the state of Indiana is on a path of taxation without representation. It is time for the “good-old-boy legislature” to be replaced. It is time to elect legislators who place the citizens of Indiana ahead of each town council’s grandiose agenda.Note: Andrew Robbins is a staff writer for CSMS Magazine and the author of It Took My Breath Away: One Man’s Experience May Save Your Life.Also see Home Ownership and the Housing Market (Part 1)          The Housing Crisis: Municipal Spending is Out of Control! (Part 2)Also see The Interest Rate

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