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Patrick Chamoiseau’s “L’empreinte à Crusoé”


By Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

The latest novel of Patrick Chamoiseau has definitely risen to the author’s standard, although it did reach the overall consensus among his readership. Nonetheless, there can be no question about the Martinique author’s skillfulness when it comes to writing for a cause and the eloquence that comes with it.

Chamoiseau has talent for writing, describing in sensual manners the existence of Robinson, alone and tormented in this wild and beautiful island. Chamoiseau highlights the value of all shapes and sounds (birds, noises, etc.), weaving through an increasingly agitated form of consciousness in Robinson’s “lost” paradise.  Although the novel itself did not attract the attention of his anticipated readership, the one that swept through Texaco, Chamoiseau’s world acclaimed novel, this new novel is indeed a joy to read.  

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