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Next Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Florida: a dress rehearsal

CSMS Magazine staff writers As the election draws near, it looks more and more that Floridians intend to keep a republican at the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. At least that’s what the latest opinion polls are saying. According to the latest polls, republican Attorney General Charlie Crist holds a solid advantage over Democratic Congressman Jim Davis in the final days of Florida’s gubernatorial campaign. The latest Rasmussen Reports election survey shows Crist leading David 52% to 41%. Two weeks ago, Crist’s lead had fallen to five points. Earlier in the month, he was up by 16 points.According to Miami Herald, since the beginning of October, the percentage of voters who report a “very favorable” opinion of Davis jumped five points from 16% to 21%. During the month, those with a very favorable opinion of Crist fell from 35% to 26%.Over the past month, both candidates have seen their unfavorable ratings skyrocket. Davis has more than doubled his with 21% of voters now reporting a “very unfavorable” opinion of him, up from 9% just a few weeks ago. The number with a very unfavorable opinion of Crist jumped from 11% to 16%.Seventy-five percent (75%) of Crist voters say they’re voting for him because he’s their choice for governor; 57% of Davis voters say the same of their candidate. However, slightly more than one-third of Davis voters (34%) say they are simply casting their votes against Crist.The Democrats are having a hard time controlling the reins of government in Florida since late democratic governor Lawton Charles died in office in 1998. Their problems in Florida are no different than that of the rest of the country: a serious lack of national figure to demystify republicans’ slogans about their strong stance on National Security and Fiscal Responsibility. In any event, does it really matter to the average poor?

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