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So thirsty, so hungry,I reach out to your hand,and move on in.We close our eyes.Adrenaline rush runs wildly inside,when you and I kiss.It doesn’t make any sense for me to feel like this.Full and throbbingfrom the touch of our lips.It’s a higher level,a level to where nothing else exists.Originally, it was supposed to bea simple kiss.But elements of passion brought us this.The inflow of your warm, bodily embrace,and the sweet look on your face,is more than enough of you,and more than I’ll ever need.I’m running out of air, and losing my grip.So I pull back temporarily,to catch my breath real quick,because I’m still not done yet,I want a sip, another nip of your nectar.So I move in again, towards your lips.They’re so deeply, deliciously rich.You’ve got that sugarThat keeps this sweet invasion so tastefully intense.Whew! Minutes later we finally finish.What a heavenly moment that was.My taste buds now lifted to the sky,and I got a buzz, feeling high, from this experience.Your poisons in my blood,And I still aim for more love.                                  Ben, 8-9-01


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