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I Honestly Confess …

beautifulaI honestly confess that since you found me-

I can’t stop thinking of you.

I spend hours dreaming of what you look like,

Wondering what you are doing,

Rehearsing impressive things to say to you,

Then enjoying sweet memories of the time we shared.

When you found me, your hunt for me was over –

but my pursuing of you had begun.

I honestly confess that sparks of romance

Have quickly lighted up my thoughtful, warm motivation.

I honestly confess that I unintentionally begin

to realize the impact of having you in my life again.

Your presence in my mind has rekindled my inspiration

to demonstrate my appreciation for you.

I hope that you receive it as I try to express it.

I honestly confess that finding me,

has enrolled me in a battle that I am more than willing to fight.

This is a battle that pertains to protect what we have that is so real.

I honestly confess that what is stored in my heart for you

is a choice, not a feeling. For the feeling may go away someday-

but I choose not to lose you again.

I honestly confess that I missed you and I’m delighted that you found me!

By: Malisa Macou

Miami, 4-25-2015

Note: Malisa Macou is poet and new contributor to CSMS Magazine. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/csmsmagazine

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