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The world’s disenfranchised population has shunned the G-8 summit in Germany this weekend

CSMS Magazine staff writersThis morning was the scene of massive demonstrations in the German resort of Heiligendamm. They were demonstrated against the G-8 summit being held there. This utter of repudiation is a testament of how millions of people around the world are deeply disturbed by the current state of society. From Iceland to the Cape of Good Hope, they came from all over the world to express their vehement opposing to the policies of the ruling elites across the world and are seeking ways to resist them.            In CSMS Magazine, we believe that all form of opposition to the international reaction is a good thing. But we also think that unorganized demonstrations, though highly emotional, are highly unlikely to produce results, for they badly lack the structure needed to achieve success. For years, “blue-chip” countries have learned to adjust with social demonstrations against imperialist inhuman policies. Experience shows that protest, even if it embraces masses of people, is not sufficient to resolve the great problems of war, repression and social reaction.            Those who have been following past rallies against the former G-8 summits, as well as other international rallies against the Iraq war, can clearly say that massive protests politically dominated by a mirage that bourgeois politicians can be pressured to the left, are clearly doomed to failure. This perspective flies in the face of reality. Massive demonstrations have also been part of international summit by donor countries, regarding it as a social distraction, a sideshow that “no one” can do without.              The G-8 summit being held in the German resort of Heiligendamm casts a powerful spotlight on the current state of the world. It exposes the unbridgeable gap between the super rich and the lower poor. While the demonstration is being boiling outside, the leaders of the world’s most powerful states have entrenched themselves behind a kilometers-long, reinforced barbed wire high-security fence, and are being guarded by the largest deployment of police in German post-war history.            In the run-up to the summit, police have carried out a series of raids, organized massive surveillance and imposed bans on demonstrations, seeking to intimidate oppositionist groups and individuals in brazen violation of basic democratic rights. Democracy has been turned into a hollow phrase.            Those participating in the summit represent the interests of the narrow social elites that have enormously increased their wealth over the past three decades. This international financial aristocracy includes the 500 billionaires, who together possess as much wealth as the poorer half of mankind. It embraces the speculators whose annual income totals up to a billion dollars; the top executives of large companies, whose salaries and bonuses range into the hundreds of millions; and the “new Russians” who have acquired colossal fortunes by plundering the assets of the former Soviet Union.            Social inequality has reached unprecedented levels worldwide. It is expressed not only in the gulf between rich and poor countries, but also within the countries themselves. While some two percent live in extravagant luxury, the vast majority of the people eke out a precarious existence, plagued by economic insecurity, stagnating or declining living standards, or outright poverty.

Disagreement between G-8 powers

 Several countries have expressed publicly their desire to swell their already military arsenals. Historically, rising militarism goes hand in hand with growing tensions between the Great Power nations, who quarrel over their respective spheres of influence. There are indications that this could be the first G-8 summit in many years to end in open disagreement.            Russia sees itself as threatened by America’s planned anti-missile defense system. It demonstratively tested a new intercontinental missile just prior to the summit.The host of the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has used the issue of climate policy to put pressure on the US, which, for its part, categorically rejects any commitment to international environmental targets.            The election victory of the right-wing Gaullist Sarkozy in France is seen by the political elite throughout Europe as a signal to finally press ahead with the introduction of “American conditions” across the continent. Sarkozy is intent on introducing drastic laws this summer to restrict the right to strike and inflict harsher punishment on juvenile offenders. His prime minister, François Fillon, has used the phrase “electric shock” to describe the French government’s plans. Nicolas Sarkozy wants to build a second aircraft carrier in order to increase the country’s ability to intervene militarily around the world.            And what will the world masses gain from this summit? Absolutely nada. Poverty can only be eradicated through a sustain effort lead by popular organizations in their fight against the international reaction.Also see The G-8 Summit in St. Petersburg confirms The Return of Russia as a Global Power

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