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The “Healthy” Diet that can potentially be bad for you

By Martina Shrubbs

Special to CSMS Magazine

Poor eating has led to an epidemic of obesity in America. One in three adult Americans is now obese, as compared with one in four a little more that a decade ago.  People, who follow the conventional wisdom for healthful eating—lots carbohydrates, little fat and protein—often fail to lose weight. Why? Because, hormonally speaking, when it comes to obesity eating carbohydrates is a bigger program than fat.

The trouble with this so called healthy diet

Modern humans are genetically identical to our Stone Age ancestors. Our digestive system, like theirs, evolved to handle a diet based on protein, fiber-rich vegetables and fruit. Grains—the chef source of carbohydrates in modern diets—were unknown until the advent of agriculture, 10,000 years ago. That’s only yesterday in evolutionary terms.

            Problem: Carbohydrates cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. In response, the body makes more insulin, the hormone that lowers blood sugar levels and “tells” the body to store excess calories as fat,

            Insulin also affects the body’s synthesis of eicosanoids. These potent “superhormones” control virtually all psychsiological digestion functions in the body—from the circulation of blood to digestion.

            For optimum health, eicosanoids must be in balance. But high insulin levels cause the body to make more “bad” than “good” eicosanoids. This can lead to platelet clumping, high blood pressure, reduced immunity and other potentially dangerous conditions.

A Better Way To Eat

Over the past 20 years, renowned scientist Dr. Barry Sears developed a simple yet precise eating plan that allows you to regulate levels of insulin and other hormones…and reach an ideal metabolic state. Athletes call this diet plan the “Zone”, but in reality it is simply optimal control of hormonal function. You don’t have to be athletes to realize the benefits. The Zone program has been tested on heart patients, “ordinary” people and elite athletes, including professional football and basketball players. All have reported greater mental focus and energy, better physical endurance, painless weight loss and improved cardiovascular function.                                                                          

To reach the Zone is treat food with the same respect you accord prescription medications. Specifically, you must regulate the amount, proportion and rate of entry into the bloodstream of all the nutrients you eat. And I mean each time you eat. Counting calories isn’t necessary.

Note: Martina Shrubbs is a nutritionist who lives and works in suburban Pennsylvania.   

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