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Nichols “Zouk mac Daddy” is back

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

After taking a three year hiatus, Stephane Nichols also known as the Zouk Mac Daddy is officially back with his latest album Undisputed which was released earlier this month. The majority of the album has more of a Kompa/Zouk type of vibe to it and a little of Cabo Kizomba. The album already has several amazing tracks released on YouTube since mid November such as Vinn ave’m featuring Ly Cherry, Je Suis Accro, Love Gangster, and Slow. Even though there is no official video for any of these tracks, all together, the songs have already generated over 41,000 views on YouTube.

The first single “vinn ave’m”, featuring zouk songstress Ly Cherry, is a certified Kompa club banger. The production credits for the song has yet to be released but the song reminds you of a Nickenson Prud’homme production with keyboard breakdown, and the song also features a guitar solo reminiscent of the legendary guitarist Robert Martino of his days in the group Les Gipsy’s de Petion Ville. Ly Cherry adds a sensual feminine touch to the song from her part in the song, singing about how she wants her love interest to come to be the center of her life or she’ll let go of her love.

The second song “Je suis accro” is truly a hit sweeping the airways. The song was written and produced by Nichols with guitar arrangement by Mark G. It is another Kompa song talking about how much a guy is addicted to this new love interest and how every time he sees her, he can’t seem to function correctly. The leak of this song has already generated a buzz in radio stations in both the Caribbean and in Africa’s stations in Cabo Verde.

The Third song “Love gangster” is a zouk classic. The track was written and produced by Stephane Nichols. The song is more like the “Zouk Mac Daddy” anthem by Nichols singing about what makes him the ultimate ladies’ man and how he gets any woman he wants by the touch of his hand.

The final song leaked out from the “Undisputed” album is titled Slow which is a more of a Cabo Kizomba type. Critics say that song is meant to reach out to the Portuguese/Creole audience in Brazil and Cape Verde. The song was written by Mika Mendes and produced by Mark G. The song is mostly about making a women feel good sensually by taking it slow and not over doing it too much by talking too much.

The album “Undisputed” is one of the best albums released in such a long time by Nichols. With amazing Kompa baselines and a fresh wave of evolutionary of zouk beats, there is absolutely no incertitude that Stephane Nichols always will be the essential “Zouk Mac Daddy” for this new generation and, of course, for many years to come.


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