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Kim and Jairo move to high gear with “Tempo”

_By Christine jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Kim, one of the most revered zouk artists, has teamed up with Jairo to produce this beautiful video titled Tempo. Yes, the tropical heat has descended in her veins. Exclusively in Creole, Tempo has ushered a new vibe in Zim’s ever-growing repertoire, and it has also placed her in the pantheon of mainstream Creole-famed stars. Since released on Youtube, the clip has already been viewed more than 500, 000 times. Tempo is truly a knockout piece, using a Creole flavor filled with a sexually-charged lyric.

Kim had always been criticized for her elitist-rhythm-and-blues fashion, sometimes out of touch with Caribbean partygoers.  The media in the Antilles didn’t even know if this charming girl was from the tropic, let alone from Martinique. What was then. Now, The Martiquaise is the new darling, and she has been doing a lot of collaboration lately, including Ne t’en va pas (don’t go) with Marvin that has already been viewed more than 3 million times.   So Kim
and Jairo are our artists of the week.  So, let’s watch:_

Note: Christine Jean-Pierre reports on Afro-Caribbean music for CSMS Magazine. She lives in suburban Jacksonville, Florida.

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