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It’s Your Money, The Way I See It (Part III)

By Andrew Robbins
CSMS Magazine Staff Writer


In this third installment, Andrew Robbins tackles one of the most critical issues surrounding strategic investments. He reminds us of the four Ds of life—something we should never let slip out of our minds as we think about saving four the future. As Andrew reminds us, while it is strongly advisable to seek advice when investing our money, it is also important to remember it is our money. For at the end of the day, we stand to bear the fruits or pay the consequences. So, below is Andrew’s latest gut-wrenching installment.  
Are you prepared for financial success? Graduate from high school, an apprentice program, or university and you begin the life long search for financial freedom. You need only look at the number of people filing for bankruptcy to realize that personal wealth requires oversight.
            Political parties impact our standard of living. Yet, if we review the past sixteen years, we’ll find eight years of President Clinton resulted in federal taxes that balanced the budget and nearly wiped out the deficit verses President Bush borrowing heavily to finance the Republican agenda. Under both administrations opportunities exist to increase personal wealth.
            It matters not who the next president is. Government is in the business of providing services. None of the candidates are qualified to run a syndicate this complex. Ultimately the president takes his marching orders from the party in power.
             Governments live forever, and they can take on serious debt. But we live a finite life and lenders expect us to manage within our means. Financial education never ends for it is constantly changing. To reach our goals, we can become students of history, statistics, probability, and make time to throw away our bondage to poverty through sound choices.
             Economic slavery abounds, it is not restricted to race or sex. It is abolished through education that ultimately leads to financial independence.
            Your choices determine your standard of living. Your past prepares your future. Everyone has a sad story; however, when we are stretched, we grow. Dream big, for big dreams create the Drive and Desire to fulfill your dreams and your Destiny—the four Ds of life. 
            Stay focused on your financial goals, and even in these challenging times you will achieve success. But remember: It’s Your Money. No money planner cares more about it than you. Find a mentor, seek knowledge, but when it comes to your money, never let anyone make your decision.

Note: Andrew Robbins is the author of “It Took My Breath Away: One Man’s Experience May Save Your Life.” He may be reached by email at: awrobbins1@earthlink.net  

NoteNeither the author nor CSMS Magazine is in the business of providing the public with financial services. Readers are advised to seek financial counseling prior to investing.

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