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Happy Valentine’s Night!

CSMS Magazine Staff writers

Not everyone is capable of writing a love letter. Putting words into writing as the ultimate expression of profound feeling can prove to be a daunting task. What a better moment to convey to the one that you truly love what you have been withholding for years, until now! If words can’t popup to your lips or can’t make their way to the sheet of paper as you hold the pen, a blooming bouquet of red roses, or a romantic walk down the park while strolling along the exotic garden can fill the gap and seal the deal. If that won’t work, an extra sweet—le petit chocolat à la patte de noisette—will suffice to send a beautiful declaration of your love! Or perhaps, Valentino, you can still send a one-of-a-kind gift straight from your heart with an extensive array of fragrant floral that will surely make your Valentina smile. If all that fails, a romantic promenade down the sidewalk cafés under the glittering display of the moonlit starry night will eventually do the trick.

Happy Valentine Night!

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