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Gérald Bloncourt’s Journal d’un Révolutionaire is up on us

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

The revolutionary that never aged, Gérald Bloncourt, 86, is set to release yet another gut wrenching bouquin under the title of Journal d’un Révolutionaire (A revolutionary Diary). The release date is set for next month. The dean of the Haitian left, unquestionably so, Gérald wants to tell the world that he is the Haitian revolutionary who lives beyond the frame of his physical being.  In releasing this latest manuscript, he is sending a message to younger generations of Haitians: We may never win the race against time, but we will certainly triumph over economic inequality and all other forms of injustices if we (Haitians) understand the true meaning of our historical role within the African diaspora. His sentimentalism and revolutionary romanticism never wither despite insurmountable odds he had to sometimes overcome.

Childhood friend of Jacques Stephen Alexis and René Dépestre, Gérald believes there can only be one solution to the Haitian dilemma: Uprooting the current state of affair to recreate a holistic state bureaucracy totally beholden to the Haitian masses.  Gérald Bloncourt is our guest this weekend. Our editor-in-chief, Ardain Isma, spoke to him earlier this week from his home in Paris. As always, the interview will be published at 8PM Eastern standard time.

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