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Florida’s election last minutes push

CSMS Magazine Staff WritersWith less than 24 hours left to Election Day, the candidates are hard at work, telling their supporters to go to the polls tomorrow. The candidates spent yesterday in churches and other last-minute campaign appearances as they sought to make use of the final weekend before Election Day.Republican candidate Charlie Crist carried around a football, reminding his supporters that he is “an old quarterback at the three-yard line and he needs to punch the ball in to win.” Crist was seeing campaigning yesterday with former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Later, he was at a Miami rally with about 600 mostly Cuban-American supporters before making his final stop of the day at a Boca Raton synagogue.Jim Davis, however, was traveling with U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and former Sen. Bob Graha. According to The Associated Press, Davis “did a blitz through six Miami-Dade County churches before scheduled stops in Cape Coral, Sarasota and Orlando.””Did you see they are spending $40 million? Our state is not for sale. We will win this election if you get out the vote,” he said.After visiting churches with Davis in the morning, Nelson also appeared with other Democrats in tight races. Although he maintains he’s not taking his re-election for granted, double-digit leads in polls have freed him to help other Democrats instead of focusing on his own campaign.In the race for the 22nd District, the battle is being waged fiercely between state Sen. Ron Klein and 13-term Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw. Klein traveled the district that roughly stretches from the ultra-rich Republican stronghold of Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale, knocking on doors and calling voters. According to the latest opinion polls, Shaw is trailing badly. But he is betting on large republican turnouts to upset his opponent.

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