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Coffee: America’s most convenient energy drink

By Celia Johnson

Special to CSMS Magazine

For generations, coffee has been a beloved morning drink for people on their way to work or school. Coffee is a brewed beverage made from coffee beans, which are made out of special species of the evergreen bush of coffee in Latin America, Asia and Africa.  Coffee is an important export conglomerate by being the number one agricultural export in twelve countries and was named the seventh-largest legal export in 2005.

            After all the health related research on coffee, people still avoid caffeinated coffee because of suspected health risks. However, there is new research that proves that a few cups of caffeinated coffee will cause any health risk, but in fact it creates great health benefits. According to the September 2008 issue of Harvard’ health watch, the risk for type two diabetes is lower for regular coffee drinkers than non coffee drinkers, and drinking coffee on regular basis can also prevent the development of colon cancer and reduce the chance of liver damage in liver cancer.

            In addition after researching over a 100,000 people for over twenty years, researchers from the Harvard Health and Science Department have calculated and compared people who are non-caffeine drinkers to caffeine drinkers. They discovered that people who drink about six cups a day have increased their risks of receiving diabetes by sixty percent and people who drink less than three cups a day reduced their chance of diabetes by thirty percent.

            Furthermore, drinking regularly coffee is not completely safe for you because coffee’s main ingredient is a mild stimulant. According to the New England Journal of Health, caffeinated coffee does have negative cardiovascular effects such increased heart rate and blood pressure, and occasional irregular heart beat. According to research from Harvard University Health study, drinking coffee regularly also shows significant risk on Woman’s health such as breast cancer, and osteoporosis disease.

            So, coffee may be good only if drink with moderation. Coffee drinkers, be careful!

Note: Celia Johnson is nutritionist who lives and works in San Diego, California.

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