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Celebrating International Women’s Day!

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Although defending women’s rights is always the cornerstone of our creed here in CSMS Magazine, every year on this day we give special recognitions not only to all women in general, but also to the ones with a high mark in our hearts—specifically those who live in male-dominated societies whose lives have been reduced to a little more than subjects in the house of Lords and Masters and whose freedom has been pinned down or even trashed. Apart from those who have been revered by freedom lovers everywhere like Martha Jean-Claude, Miriam Makeba, Toto Bisaint, Maya Angelou etc…, we have our own women here that venerate in the grand CSMS family. Gyna Jean-Pierre, Jeanie Bogart, Marie-Jeannine Myrthil, Amel Baudelin, Christine Jean Pierre play a pivotal role in our everyday lives. Their work s and contribution are priceless. Their uncompromising stand against injustices is impossible to ignore.

     Today, we want to tell them in a special and dazzling way that WE LOVE them more than we can say. They are the sunray that brings natural brilliance that will forever engulf our editorial board. Let us continue to defend the rights of those without voices!

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