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A Kindya’s Konpa-Zouk love for an adorable friend

CSMS Magazine

This is a postcard, a birthday one from Saint Augustine dedicated to a special friend. Yes, today is forever special to Rosedad Saint Fort, who has just reached a milestone of her journey in life. Although becoming aware of it a bit late, we ARE sure it can never too late to wish a friend Happy Birthday. Rosedadis one the sincerest friends of CSMS Magazine. She loves reading, she loves music and, most importantly, she speaks from the soul—the soul of a Creole woman from Saint Louis, djanm and patriotic.
So, we’re taking the risk of sending on behalf of The Friends of CSMS Magazine 307 BISOUS!!!!!Happy
Birthday Rosedad!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy this Konpa-zouk video, and save the dance for celui qui te convient…………

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