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“Fidel Castro’s health has improved, ” news report says

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

 According to Associated Press, president Fidel Castro was seen on Cuban Television greeting Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez who visited him on his way back home from a long visit to China. “Brother!” Fidel said from his hospital bed. There was an awesome glow on his face “as Chavez entered the room Friday where he was recuperating and gave him a warm embrace.”“Gentleman of the heroic resistance!” Chavez replied, smiling to Fidel. “What joy!” Fidel said, sitting up on his bed. “A million thanks!”This was Chavez’s third visit to Fidel since the announcement on July 31 that he had undergone intestinal surgery and was provisionally relinquished power to his brother, Raul Castro, the defense minister.   Dressed in red pajamas, Fidel “appeared much more animated and alert on the video than in those made when Chavez made his first post-surgery visit to the Cuban leader on Aug. 13, his 80th birthday,” Associated Press reported.    Fidel’s appearance was rather pale during the Chavez’s two previous visits. He was more “lethargic and did not even move his head from the pillow. And it was difficult to make out his words.”    The last time Hugo Chavez visited Fidel was last week during a brief stop in Havana before launching a foreign tour that took him to Angola, Syria, Malaysia and China.Even in the mountains of China, Syria and Angola, Chavez told Fidel that people are praying for his recovery. “We all need you,” Chavez said during the visit as both wrote messages to each other that they later read aloud.In Fidel’s message, he congratulated Chavez on his visit abroad. He told Chavez he represented a new era, which “brings forth brilliant, audacious and courageous statesmen with new ideas like you.”    According to AP, after Fidel died, U.S. officials would encourage Chavez to help push “for democratic changes in Cuba.” But Chavez argues the United States — not Cuba — needs a transition to democracy.

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