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We hear your concerns

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

As usual, hundreds of e-mails have poured into our account requesting to be more proactive in updating new articles. We wholeheartedly share the same view. It is our goal to publish articles in a regular basis. However, that requires manpower. We have lost two of our editors, but we are in the process of replacing them. As you all know, in CSMS Magazine, we do not tolerate mediocrity. So, we would not put into display any work that does not amount to the standard set by our editorial board. We have a lot of articles waiting to be published, but we would not do so until we are certain they are ready to face the world. In academia as well as in the publishing world, perfection is always a relative term. But we always thrive to be as close as we can get to that that elusive prize. However, do not be discouraged. Next week, we expect to return into full-scale, daily operation.  Finally, pay attention to our donation drive. It is still going on. Click in the button located on the left of the page to make your pledge. Also, we have to send a special thank to all those who have already made their sincere contribution to the grand CSMS Magazine family.

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