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A place of no return,but is searched for always.Where there is love and lust. Where the world began and continues. Where walls are soft and sugar is sweet.Where sweet smells and sweeter tastes exist.Where it is warm and wet.Where you can be loved and make love.The closest thing on earth to heaven. That’s why those who posses it are GODDESSES.You are a goddess and all I want to do is worship you.Make sacrifices for you.Place my gifts at your temple.Please you, and fulfill your every wish. Hope that you will continue to bless mewith your presence.Hopefully one day I can be added to the small list of men who get tofeel the love of a goddess,the kiss of a goddess,the touch of a goddess,and make love to a goddessand die in her arms only to be reborn as a blessed man Are you my goddess?My heart tell me yes, you are my goddess.                                                                  Ben                                                                                        January 18th 2002

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