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Patrick Gaspard and the ancillary findings of this week

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

 Haitian-American Patrick Gaspard, who currently serves as the Associate Director of Personnel for the Presidential Transition, will direct the Office of Political Affairs Team at the White House. Patrick was the National Political Director for Obama’s presidential campaign. Before that, he held the post of Executive Vice President of Politics and Legislation for Local 1199 SEIU, United Healthcare Workers East—the largest local union in the United States. A long time political activist, Patrick helped coordinate political activity and government relations on behalf of 300,000 members.

This position will make Patrick the most influential Haitian in the land. Those who know him say he is a shrewd tactician in political maneuverings, and perhaps this may explain why he was so indispensable for the Obama campaign. In 2006, Patrick was the acting political director for SEIU International during the national union’s successful effort to help Democrats capture majorities in the House and Senate.

Married with two children, Patrick Gaspar began his career as a community organizer around school reform issues. His activism was quickly noticed during the historic Mayoral election in New York in 1989. Then in 2004, he became the National Field Director for America Coming Together. He went on to work for Governor Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and several other congressional candidates. News of Patrick Gaspar to hold this powerful position was critically acclaimed in the media.

Amour Creole Magazine is a new Haitian magazine based in California. Dedicated to providing insight information about Haitian Konpa and other forms of Haitian arts, Amour Creole targets a wide audience comprising mainly of the younger generation of Haitians who live in North America, the French Antilles and in Europe. CSMS Magazine has reached Amour Creole founder, Esther Lafontant, who made it clear that the magazine has already positioned itself as the new ambassador focusing on “Haitian lifestyle and culture.” The magazine is professionally presented and can be checked out at www.amourcreole.com

CSMS Magazine has received a lot of e-mails regarding our last two articles on the Obama transition process. Several readers question our judgments when we question some of Obama nominations. We believe that we remain true to the position we have been holding since day one, and what we are witnessing today is the true manifestation of the raw differences between political calculations (or maybe long-held conviction) and the reality of politic in Washington. We agree it’s too soon to make final judgments on an administration that has yet to take shape, as some other readers point out. In CSMS Magazine, we never doubt Obama’s sincere desire to achieve good deeds for average Americans. However, good intentions are never enough to change the course of history. What we are trying to do is to alert our readers against illusory, unfair overreactions. It would not be fair to judge Obama to a standard higher than what has been set to judge previous American presidents. We must not entangle ourselves into a web of illusions, thinking that Barack Obama is the Messiah.          

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