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Indi-Ara Richard: A poet with a promising future!

indiaCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

CSMS Magazine takes pride in showcasing promising artists. Whether they are writers, singers, actors, we always embrace them with a warmth heart. In doing so, we take it upon ourselves and within the power of our limit to push them to the next level. Once again, tonight, it is with great pleasure that we are presenting Indi-Ara Richard to our CSMS Magazine devoted readers.


Indi-Ara Richard is a Haitian poet and also a social activist who lives in suburban Atlanta. He was born and raised in Cap Haitien, Haiti. He started his experience into the fascinated world of poetry at a very young age. The poet has admitted to having been influenced by of one of his classmates. He was only 13. A year later, his work was published by his school magazine. He was the first amongst many other peers in a poetry contest.

Indi seemed to have been born to grow and blossom in community activism. When he was 6, the poet was introduced to the discipline and knowledge of a Boy Scout organization, and this was where he developed his burning desire for leadership and social activism. 

From his own words, the poet revealed that his best source of inspiration is “nature,” which was clearly demonstrated in one of his poems “Un matin seul à l’agonie de l’été” (A lonely summer morning). Indi also has a very good penchant for romance, especially into describing and venerating the beauty of women throughout many of his works, like in “Marabou,” a beautiful piece celebrating the beauty of black women. His inspirational and poetic world is full of surprises, and you will have the opportunity to feel his touch in his upcoming book “Douvan Jou.” He has a passion for poetry. He has a passion for life, as he would have liked to see it. 

Indi-Ara Richard is the Vice-President of the Haitian-American Youth Reaching out (HYRO), a not-for-profit youth organization headquartered in Atlanta, GA. HYRO strives on equipping young people with the knowledge and tools to excel in their communities. Not only he focuses on the youth, the poet also joins hands with different leaders that have been working for many years to strengthen the Haitian community in Atlanta. We must also emphasize his good sense of patriotism and his desire for change, not only for one nation or one race but for humanity itself.

Note: Indi-Ara Richard lives and works in suburban Atlanta. Some of his poems will soon feature in CSMS Magazine. Indi is our newest contributor.

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