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Haiti will land on its feet someday

haiti yBy Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

In response to one of our readers’ seemingly lost hope, I truly believe the land of Dessalines is no basket case. Despite its misery, I still think Haiti has its chance like many other deprived countries of the world. Although the country may seem on the brink, there are good reasons to have faith, and you don’t need to go back in retrospect, invoking our forefathers’ prowess to see it.  Haiti’s future lies with the patriotic zeal of its young people. This is manifested in the pride expressed on their beaming faces at each time they have an opportunity.

Haiti’s tribulation comes from its modern day leaders who see pockets first and never use their role as change agents. They’re the third world petty bourgeois with an awkward taste for money, and for that, they shamelessly ally with the enemies of their country in exchange for filling their own personal lot. Shame on them!

For sure, no party can last forever. It may take 50 years, but Haiti will someday rid itself from its hellish conditions and achieve its second independence. So, I believe.  

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