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Deal signed by France and Canada to rebuild Haiti

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

 Haiti’s prime donors, France and Canada, signed an accord during the Francophonie Summit in Bucharest, Romania last Tuesday to “help rebuild Haiti,” according to a statement released from the Romanian capital. The agreement also sets the framework for aid to other disadvantaged countries.”We will work together for the development of this country,” said Josee Verner, the federal minister responsible for La Francophonie. “Haiti is among our priorities.” Her French counterpart, Brigitte Girardin, echoed Verner’s commitment during the signing ceremony held at the summit of Francophone nations.”This country was destroyed and this protocol which we signed today opens the door to a very close co-operation,” she said. “Taking into account our involvement, it is necessary to provide mutual assistance and work together.”The text of the deal says Canada and France “will endeavor to accompany the efforts by the Haitian authorities to create conditions favorable with the rebuilding of a State in Haiti.” Particular support will be given to reforms in the areas of security and justice as well as economic development, which will see assistance in the form of co-financing of projects.Verner pointed out the Canadian government had announced $520 million in aide for Haiti last July. The amount will be spread over five years. The Canada-France deal not only affects Haiti but sets out a framework for aid to other disadvantaged countries.The protocol aims at the improvement of governing in the countries, mainly meaning an effort to seek improvements in the respect of human rights, prevention of conflicts, improvement in security and gender equality. It is very sad to see the arrogance being displayed in the agreement. When will Haiti regain it dignity?The new collaboration between Canada and France will be evaluated in the first quarter of 2007 at a meeting of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to be held in Paris.Quebec and Romania also expressed their desire to create a network of schools in public administration to improve the quality of the bureaucracy. “All the countries that have succeeded have a strong and qualified civil service,” said Premier Jean Charest.In the meantime, the Haitian government remains quasi inexistent in the face of mounting insecurity, deterioration of living conditions and chronic health crisis.See also Rene Preval:  http://www.csmsmagazine.org/news.php?pg=20060627I145

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