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Dating: Know the tips

By Stephanie Rodriguez

CSMS Magazine Staff writer

Women often say, “I can’t find a good man,” or “there are no good guys out there.” Well, I beg to differ. There are “good” single guys everywhere, and like you, they’re looking for someone. Many of them are in situations or stages of their own lives that are preventing them from realizing their full potential, and they just haven’t met the right woman, the one who will inspire them to be all they can be.

The key is changing how you look at life and opening your mind to the possibility of meeting someone you would least expect, in a place where you would least expect it. Once you connect with a man who interests you, the goal is to make plans to see him again with the intention of dating-or, at least to speak again soon.

This requires exchanging contact information and being proactive. In this day and age, women, like men, must seize the moment and make their desires known. Dating is the discovery stage of relationship building. It’s the time when you suppose to learn more about him but also-and equally important-it’s when he can learn about you so you can both determine if there is a connection.

Love requires an alternating current. To harness and generate love, the connection must flow both ways. A direct current or a one-way connection is considered lust, not love. 


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