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Congo MUST live!

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

The past few days, the war in eastern Congo has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. The warring factions have stepped up their activities near population centers like around the town of Goma. This has caused a new upsurge in refugee movements. It is estimated that more than a million people are at risk, with hundreds of thousands are considered internally displaced. The UN refugee agencies are being submerged, and most experts believe genocide could be in the work unless concerted efforts are taken NOW to avoid another catastrophe like the one in Rwanda in 1994. European powers, which historically have close links to the warring factions, seem to be offering lip service to a desperate population hungry, displaced and dying. CSMS Magazine is asking all influential partners to take prompt and drastic measures to avert what seems to be another genocide looming in the horizon.

Give the land of Patrice Lumumba another chance to coexist with its neighbors in peace!


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